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AMERICAN HISTORY TEXTBOOK ANALYSIS AND COMPARISONS - Dissertation Example Specific accentuation over the span of the examination study will be founded on the point of view of the Southern American occupants and that of British viewpoints with respect to the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968). These points of view will be taken from course books from these two areas to be specific South United States of America and Britain. The specialist is in this way keen on discovering answers to the accompanying explicit goals toward the finish of the ebb and flow research study: 1. What were the reasons for the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 2. What are the particular occasions that were recorded during the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 3. Who are the significant heroes who driven the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 4. How do the British instructive educational programs through its course books see the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 5. How does the A merican instructive educational program through its course readings see the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 6. What were the possible consequences of the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968)? 7. ... This declaration is the general speculation fundamental the momentum research, which the scientist is going to look into ten changed course readings from America and Britain to make a determination on the statement. Regularly than not, the sort of thoughts that individuals from these two setting have of the African American relies upon the experience that they have by and by had with them ever. The researcher’s objective for the examination will hence be cultivated if toward the day's end an end is drawn on whether Americans and British see the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968) from a similar discernment. Hugeness of the Study There are significant scholarly and commonsense defenses that back the significance of the flow exploration and why it merits undertaking. In any case, the fruitful finish of the current examination work will be a significant device for the foundation of authentic exactness. This said against the scenery that various course readings from various setting, for example, America and Britain appear to depict a similar case from alternate points of view. Now and again, such a training will in general twist and curve a portion of the realities behind history. With this content examination research, a line will be drawn between the differentiating realities to build up verifiable precision. Another significance of this examination work will be to improve character mindfulness creation. This will be done from the perspective where the genuine character of the African American will be comprehended through their history. For sure, the historical backdrop of the African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955â€1968) builds up a great deal about the character of the African American populace since it brings to hold up under their fantasies and

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David and Solomon Essay Example for Free

David and Solomon Essay In 1 Kings 9:12-13, Hiram, the ruler of Tire, is portrayed as not satisfied with the sort of towns that King Solomon has given him. Maybe expecting for something that would have risen to all the pine, cedar and gold that he gave Solomon, Hiram examined the King regarding the towns that he got. Then again, 2 Chronicles 8:2 just notices that Solomon reproduced the towns that Hiram had given, after which he settled the Israelites in these towns. Following the entries in 1 Kings 9:10-28, Hiram named the twenty towns in Galilee he got from Solomon as the Land of Cabul. The word â€Å"Cabul† implies ‘what doesn't please’ in Phoenician. The way that the Hiram named the land Solomon has given him â€Å"Cabul† recommends that, surely, Hiram was not satisfied at all with the signals of the King. Maybe the motivation to Hiram’s disappointed response is that he gave all the pine, cedar and gold that Solomon needed uniquely to get twenty grounds which sometimes fell short for his taste. It may have been the situation that Hiram had elevated standards consequently of his signals to Solomon. Then again, 2 Chronicles 8:2 recommends that Hiram gave the towns to Solomon rather than Solomon as far as anyone knows giving Hiram the twenty towns in Galilee in 1 Kings 9:11. In 2 Chronicles 8:2, it is referenced that Solomon â€Å"rebuilt† the urban areas he got, inferring that the urban areas were not in acceptable condition. In a similar entry, we are additionally informed that Solomon in the long run set the Israelites to live in those modified urban communities. The section seems to point us that Solomon was a lord who was out to build up the lacking and to grow his domain through the assets he earned from his triumphs. Also, Solomon’s men along with Hiram’s mariners got back from Ophir conveying 400 and fifty gifts of gold to Solomon in 2 Chronicles 8:17-18. In actuality, 1 Kings 9:28 portrays a similar armada of men cruising to Ophir however just conveying 400 and twenty gifts of gold to Solomon. The disparity in the measure of gold conveyed proposes in any event two thoughts: one is that Solomon was either exceedingly triumphant or not in his adventures and two is that he was either a very much regarded ruler or not by his subjects. Generally, the records gave in 2 Chronicles 8:1-18 recommend that Solomon was a ruler who was exceedingly triumphant to such an extent that Hiram was constrained to give him urban communities which Solomon then modified. Then again, the records gave in 1 Kings 9:10-28 recommend that Solomon was a ruler who, all in all, didn't give the fitting contribution to individuals who expected much from him insomuch as he was a ruler who the imperial subjects can undoubtedly take from due to a limited extent to an absence of genuineness and regard. I think the two records contrast concerning the portrayals of the character and the activities of Solomon as a result of varying discernments towards Solomon. I think the consideration of the disappointed response of Hiram in 1 Kings 9:12-13 may propose that a few people saw Solomon at the hour of his standard as somebody who could just think less about how others may see him and respond against his activities. Despite what might be expected, the oversight of Hiram’s response in 2 Chronicles 8:2 may propose that how individuals saw Solomon as to his activities was unimportant since he may have been viewed as an exemplary ruler who accommodated his subjects their necessities. When all is said in done, the portrayal of Solomon’s reign in 1 Kings isn't just â€Å"based on an assortment of sources with an alternate provenance† yet in addition â€Å"displays hints of various phases of redaction† (Talshir, p. 233) or the blend of different source writings, in this way recommending the distinctions in the records can be generally credited to their individual scholars. In both 2 Samuel 8:1-18 and 1 Chronicles 18:1-17, the triumphs of David in the entirety of his wars are described. In the entirety of the wars uncovered in the two records, David is depicted as a capable pioneer who is a lot of fit for attacking domains and still not neglecting to make contributions to God, for example, the gold and silver adventures. The two records concur that the Lord helped David any place he went, demonstrating that the Lord was satisfied with the endeavors of David. In any case, one significant distinction between the two records is that, in 2 Samuel 8:2, David is depicted as having had the option to crush the Moab powers which was trailed by the execution the couple of remaining Moabites. In the choice procedure, the Moabites were made to lie on the ground in a line and the individuals who were inside two lines were killed while those in the third length were allowed to live under the standard of David. Clearly, nothing about the procedure of the execution was notice all through 1 Chronicles 18:1-17. The incorporation of the portrayal of the execution of the Moabites in 2 Samuel 8:2 gives a harsh picture of how David was apparently merciless towards his vanquished subjects. The section gives us the feeling that, despite the fact that David was caring enough to â€Å"randomly† permit a portion of the Moabites to live, he was in any case a pioneer and a warrior who demonstrated little benevolence towards the individuals who have endure the surge of his armed forces. The apparently nitty gritty record of the execution of the Moabites makes a creepy mental condition, showing up as a visual update that David was a champion who showed his position and force with little leniency. But then, David is as yet depicted in a similar entry as a standing worker of the Lord who always remembers to give his contributions to God. It means that, since the Lord helped David any place he didn't go anything, can remain against the way and the mien of David. Generally, apparently the situation of the essayist in 2 Samuel 8:1-18 is that David was an ardent hireling of the Lord while being a savage victor who can undoubtedly end the lives of his vanquished subjects as indicated by his will. Then again, the author of 1 Chronicles 18:1-17 implies that David was honored by the Lord and that he was a pioneer who devoutly served and offered contributions to the Lord without the trace of savagery uncovered in 2 Samuel 8:2. The two records vary fundamentally on the grounds that David, I believe, was a ruler detested in his time by the individuals who became survivors of his military activities. It is in this manner not amazing that at any rate one record relating to David’s military advances gave a few insights concerning how individuals were executed relying upon the choice of David. Notwithstanding, the individuals who considered David to be an upright ruler and the individuals who profited by his triumphs are increasingly disposed to put David on a progressively positive respect. Roddy L. Braun recommends that the Chroniclerâ€the essayist of the book of Chroniclesâ€presents David’s authority as â€Å"greeted by the blended large numbers of Israel in with quick and energetic unanimity† (Braun, p. 503) in contrast to the individual essayists of Samuel and Kings. Such varieties in works can scarcely be accommodated for the most part and that the best way to evade the endless loop that can start from the inability to accommodate the records, as Sara Japhet proposes, is â€Å"by examining the issue from its positive aspectsâ€not based on what is precluded, however based on what is existent† (Japhet, p. 206). In this way, it isn't really the situation that the distinctions in the records imply that one record is valid and the other isn't. While Solomon might be depicted in Kings uniquely in contrast to Chronicles or while David might be depicted in Samuel uniquely in contrast to Chronicles, the distinctions may not basically connote the honesty or misrepresentation of both of the records. Or maybe, the nearness of extra subtleties in the each record gives more understanding into the lives of Kings David and Solomon. Works Cited Braun, Roddy L. â€Å"Solomonic Apologetic in Chronicles. † Journal of Biblical Literature 92. 4 (1973): 503-16. Japhet, Sara. â€Å"Conquest and Settlement in Chronicles. † Journal of Biblical Literature 98. 2 (1979): 205-18. Talshir, Zipora. â€Å"The Reign of Solomon really taking shape. † Vetus Testamentum 50. 2 (2000): 233-49

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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write an Assignment

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write an Assignment The best writers seem to effortlessly tap into their creative juices, then spontaneously produce gorgeous sentencesâ€"the kinds of sentences with which a teacher could never find fault. But what if you’re not the best writer? What if you’re positively terrified at the thought of having to express yourself in prose, to the point that some sort of temporary paralysis descends on your hands: so there you sit, fingers poised to tap-tap-tap away at the computer, and your digits won’t budge, instead hovering idly over the keyboard, never striking a single letter? You’re not alone. Trust me, you’re not alone. And also trust that there are developed strategies for getting over this very common anxiety and for moving toward productivity as a writer. Read on and then practice what I preach. No One’s Perfect Repeat this phrase ten times. Make it your motto for academic life. No writer fluidly crafts perfect prose, all at once, all the time. Every writer has to work at it, even though it definitely comes more easily to some than others. The point is that every writer has room for improvement, on every assignment, and that alone should motivate you to start a writing assignment. After all, who doesn’t relish the chance to produce something, refine it, and then perfect it? A writing assignment is just thatâ€"the opportunity to achieve something meaningful, and to enjoy the credit for doing so. Writeâ€"Editâ€"Reviseâ€"Re-write Don’t let these multiple stages discourage you; in fact, embrace the process, from the first brainstorming session to the rough outline, to the draft and finally to revisions and a re-write. The best part of this sequence is that you’re likely to find your voice, all while working on a writing assignment! Imagine, in fact, that the assignment is the vehicle for expressing your convictions, your philosophiesâ€"and to conveying thoughts you wouldn’t otherwise have conjured, invented, or verbalized. What’s more motivating than that? Recognize that the written word is that powerful, and that a writing assignment puts that power in your handsâ€"literally. Know Why It Matters Think carefully about why the writing assignment is crucial for you as a student, a thinker, and as a participant in academic life. Consider where in your “big-picture” this essay or research paper might fit, and imagine ways that you could turn it into something bigger: could you later share the essay as a blog post, or could you develop a narrow research project into a broader academic thesis? Of course, not every writing assignment proves relevant to your life, but with planning, speculation, and imagination, it’s possible to relate a writing assignment to future scholarly conversations, or to opening fresh dialogue via social media. Get motivated to write with the goal of articulating something about yourself and your future. Settle In for Success Start every writing assignment with the intent to finish it. Nothing motivates more than the realization that you CAN and WILL see this through. Take that single-minded approach to every writing task, and motivation will course through your veins! To secure that ultimate success, findâ€"or createâ€"a quiet, focused environment that supports you doing your best work. Even the most competent writer can falter if distracted. The library may be an option, but if it’s noisy or too social, get off campus and try a more isolated location; move out of your immediate zip code if necessary! Be sure to have on hand everything you need, from source material to your laptop charger to snacks. With all of your needs met, no interruptions and no excuses will result in success.

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How We Can Improve Our Time Management - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 853 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2019/06/12 Category Management Essay Level High school Tags: Time Management Essay Did you like this example? Time is a concept to which all college students will need to become familiar with in order to succeed. This of course includes management but also effectively using time in a correct manner. If a student cant manage their time, it will affect them throughout life by making them late and not being able to accomplish their set goals when they originally wanted to. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "How We Can Improve Our Time Management" essay for you Create order As students we can easily manage our time by setting specific schedules, using the available resources, pulling ourselves out of situations that may be distracting, and simply getting our eight hours of sleep. Learning to manage oners time is a crucial step in each one of us must take for the future. Before I talk about what we can do to improve our time management, I wish to state why it is important in the first place. Any of us can say that successfully managing our time means being able to lessen the actual amount of time it takes to achieve more in a day. With basic knowledge we know that the less amount of time it takes to complete more, we will ultimately have more time for ourselves in the end. There will be many schedules that we will have while in college. Not every student will have the same. There are academic, sports, extracurricular, and personal schedules that will best fit our individual needs. Everyone, young or old, has their own personal routine. We love our set schedules only because they keep us moving at a steady, comfortable pace through our whole lives. Keeping up with these schedules wont be difficult as long as that person doesnt procrastinate. Just by being human, procrastination is, without dispute, in our genes. Throughout generations and our own lifetimes, we have perfected the skill of procrastination to a point. The online web has countless resources students, teachers, and average working men and women can use for their assistance. When used for research the internet is used to look up information about what the person desires to know. Nowadays the internet is the best tool to use for setting reminders and schedules, as well as smart technology in o rder to make the small things easier to accomplish. Though it is useful, it can also be a great device for procrastination and distractions. The easiest thing that people can do is to get distracted, especially when the interruption is something we believe to be worth our time. Everyone gets distracted at some point every day. When it comes to college students, getting distracted becomes far too easy for some. Parties are a large distraction. They tend to keep us long enough for them to completely lose track of time, primarily if we are have a good time or enjoying it. It could be that the person just doesnt want to leave or, depending on the party, it got to a point to where they couldnt leave. Not focusing on what is most important, will ultimately harm anyone in the end. This could be failing a test, being demoted, or losing a job because they failed to stay focused. I, myself, can easily stay on time and on target of what I need to be accomplished, but only when I get enough sleep. We all know that sleep is vital no matter what, but yet we still dont seem to realize how much of an affect it has on our lives. If I were to go around asking people about sleep, I would get roughly the same answer every time. That sleep is good and not getting enough is bad, but I choose not to get enough because I have an agenda that I must accomplish. We were all told in health class that we should have at least eight hours of sleep every night if we are to perform exceptionally every day. As an opinion, I believe that when caffeine became a huge part of life, people began to think that the eight hours wasnt necessary anymore. We can simply stay up late and drink caffeine in the morning in order to perform well enough. While this may be true, the body itself still needs eight hours at the minimum to mentally and physically prepare itself for the coming day. Staying up late can also lead to a bad habit of constantly staying up, thus throwing people off course from their specific schedule as well as the bodyrs itinerary. Every personrs perception of time differs. Time will take up a huge piece of the pie that is our lives. Without our concept of time as well as time management, we would never be able to achieve our objectives. We, as people, decide what we make of it though. If an individual wishes to spend their time partying and procrastinating, then they will eventually learn the outcome of their time, whether it be positive or negative. They will also encounter the effects of their decisions that follow. They then are consciously able to see that outcome and are capable of changing their management styles, in order to obtain outcomes that are good for them.

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The Muhammad Is The Messenger Of God - 994 Words

All faithful Muslims are called to pray in Cairo. The song on the video is the call that sounds five times a day every day in cities across the world. Nearly a quarter of the people on earth respond to it with the enduring spirit of Islam. The video states that in the Islam religion, Mohammed is the Messenger of God. The Islamic civilization has been one of the humanity’s grandest achievements, a worldwide power founded simply on faith, a spiritual revolution that would shape the nations of three continents, and launch an Empire. For the West, much of the history of Islam has been obscured behind a veil of fear and misunderstanding. It was Muslim scholars who retained the wisdom of the Greeks while Europe languished in the dark ages. It was Muslims who sowed the seeds of the Renaissance 600 years before the birth of Leonardo Da Vinci. From the way they heal the sick to the numerals they use for counting, cultures across the globe have been shaped by the Islamic civilization. H owever, all this began with an ordinary man and the profound message he proclaimed would change the world forever. His name was Mohammed. To Muslims, the life of Muhammad is a story revealed. Muhammad was born in or around 570 AD in the sun blasted Arabian Peninsula, a land of scarcity whose tribes were always in a state of war. While still an infant, Muhammad’s parents gave him his first tasteful of life in the dessert. Muhammad was from a town named Mecca, but he was sent off to live with the betterShow MoreRelatedEssay on Muhammed was the Messenger of God958 Words   |  4 PagesTo have one lone man assertion that he is the messenger of God centuries before and still have his word accepted in present day is rather strong. There are approximately 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today which means that one out of every five individuals acknowledges as factual Muhammad was really, the messenger of God. Muhammad, much like other so called devout messengers of God can either be glimpsed as a well renowned number or a conversing madly lunatic. In today’s humanity, if one wereRead MoreThe Religion Of Islam Through The Qur The Gospel Of Mathew1576 Words   |  7 Pagesother god except of God, and to accept that Muhammad is God s Messenger, this pillar is accomplished by stating ‘There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God’ and according to Muslim beliefs by saying it with sincerity, this will make you Muslim. The Shahadah consist of two separate sentences, the first one is ‘There is no god but God’, this is an acceptance of monotheism and it comes from Jewish tradition, specifically in Deut 6: 17 where it states â€Å"you shall have no other gods besidesRead MoreIslam Religion1105 Words   |  5 Pagesreligions through the tribe that they belonged to. The thought that there were many gods was common to the tribal religions (Alkouatli 10 ). However, Muhammad became the profit of Islam when the angel Gabriel spoke to him. One major part of what Gabriel said to Muhammad was that there was only one God. The belief in one God, Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger and prophet of God is the bases of Islam. After that, Muhammad thought it was his duty to spread the religion. To follow Islam a Muslim mustRead MoreThe Story Of The Qur An Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pagesbroader historical context you must start with the events leading up to this point. Muhammad was seen as god s messenger. He would recite passages of the Quran and the word of god from memory which had been given to him by the Angel Gabriel. He would recite these passages orally, as he was illiterate and could not write. Many of Muhammad s Sahaba(companions) were able to memorize the whole Quran by heart after Muhammad recited the passages. Once the Prophet died in 632 AD many wanted to complete theRead MoreIslam : A Religion Of Hatred And Crime1018 Word s   |  5 Pages57 billion Muslims in the world today. The origin of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and beliefs of Islam affect how Islam is being taught and viewed today. Islam originated 610 AD in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Throughout time there are many stories and legends on how Islam sprung. According to the Quran it declares, that the holy book of Islam was brought down by angel Gabriel from Allah. Angel Gabriel gave the holy book to Prophet Muhammad. To prove this, the Quran states, this is a revelation from the LordRead MoreIslam s Views On Islam942 Words   |  4 Pagesreports of the media. This research paper, illuminates and reviews Islam and how its began, by its Prophet Muhammad until his death. Summarizing some of its practices and beliefs. Introduction: Islam: This Arabic word is â€Å"derived from the word peace, purity and obedience† , peace with Allah and being committed to abide by the teachings and guidance of Him Almighty. Muslims believe that Allah (God) is the source of all purity and goodness and in the religious sense; Islam is the submission to the willRead MoreIslam : An Arabic Word891 Words   |  4 PagesIslam: This Arabic word is â€Å"derived from the word peace, purity and obedience† , peace with Allah and being committed to abide by the teachings and guidance of Him Almighty. Muslims believe that Allah (God) is the source of all purity and goodness and in the religious sense; Islam is the submission to the will of Allah. Islam also implicates living in peace within yourself and with other people in the world. Islam is the message of Allah, which is received by all His Prophets who appeared in anyRead MoreIslam And The Common Cause Of Unity1453 Words   |  6 Pagesbelieve in no gods but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah†, but even though this is the common creed among all Muslims around the world, many chose to divide themselves and separated themselves under a slightly different and innovated creed. Since the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam started to embed into the lives of the people of Arabia and as the number of people taking Shahada started to grow, they followed and trailed behind the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).Read MoreFive Pillars Of Islam And Islam1119 Words   |  5 Pagesthe declaration of faith. â€Å"La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah†. This translates to â€Å"There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.† This is the shahadah. All faithful Muslims recite this and one must recite this sincerely, with genuine belief, and in front of witnesses to convert to Islam and become a part of the Muslim community. There are two parts to the declaration. The first and most important part, â€Å"there is no god but Allah†, is saying that nothing and no one elseRead MoreComparing Different Worldviews And Their Effect On Society1216 Words   |  5 Pagesreality from which we develop ideas and theories about the world. It answers questions: What are humans? Why are we here? What is our purpose? What are your values? What can we know with certainty? Does reality include only matter and energy? Does God exist? (Rusbalt) A world view could be likened to a pair of glasses. –Everything you see will be affected by the pair of glasses you are wearing. If you try on another person’s glasses things might appear blurry, and it could very possibly give you

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People Have Been Fascinated With Fairy Tales Since They

People have been fascinated with fairy tales since they began being told. Stories of wonder, mystery, adventure, and horror tweak one s’ imagination and allows one to explore in someone else s world. Overtime, the original fairy tales have been altered to suit the present; however, aspects of the original still linger within the new versions so as not to take away from the story’s background. For example, Alice in Wonderland tells of a curious girl who wants explore in a world of nonsense and get a different view from a â€Å"mad† world. The benefit of viewing many different versions of Alice in Wonderland is to see how different people s perspectives and imagination are, pertaining to the original. The plot of Alice in Wonderland is a†¦show more content†¦Alice eventually finds the White Rabbit in the Queen’s garden where he is announcing the Red Queen. After the Queen invites Alice to play a game of croquet, the Queen gets mad at Alice for what she believes her to be teasing her about Cheshire, and demands her to be beheaded. â€Å"How do you like the Queen?† said the Cat in a low voice. â€Å"Not at all,† said Alice. (Lewis 92) As Alice is running, she happens upon the door where she wakes up back in her world with no nonsense and everything is normal. There was never a moral for Alice in Wonderland and was only for childrens entertainment. I found several lessons in Alice in Wonderland. Always think before you act or speak so you do not hurt someone’s feelings. Being too curious gets you into trouble. Mind your own business. Don’t lose yourself because if you follow someone your whole life, life will be too complicated with your mind and someone else s clashing together. For example, Alice relies on the advice from others and finds herself coming upon a lot challenges. In all the the versions I have read or seen on Alice in Wonderland, the characters all seem to have almost the same exact traits as the original. Alice has blond hair, goes to Wonderland in a dream or so it seems, very curious, book smart, gives herself advice but does not follow it, stubborn, independent, brave, and does not think before she acts or speaks. The White Rabbit always seemsShow MoreRelatedThe Brothers Grimm, By Jacob Grimm And Grimm1362 Words   |  6 Pagesfolk stories. After their books were printed, other problems were created because of it. They had to exchange ideas with many people to be able to write their books. Many forms of literature were explored to create the masterpiece that Jacob and Wilhelm made. Stories like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Rapunzel had horrendous storylines that would probably not make many people show them to their children. Jacob and Wilhelm were born and raised in Germany. Their family valued education and were aRead More The Romance Novel Marriage Essay1327 Words   |  6 Pagesmarried and lives Happily Ever After. Im talking about the modern day adult fairy tale, also known as the romance novel. Ive been reading these novels since I was in the seventh grade. My first one was titled Bitter Sweet, written by Laverle Spencer, and was found in my moms closet. From there I graduated to the more sordid novels with half-naked people on the covers. My adolescent mind was absolutely fascinated and I could not wait until I found my guy and could experience those feelings first-handRead MoreThe Origin Of The Banshee1199 Words   |  5 PagesConnor Harkins Jonathan Tyler English 102-10 1 February 2017 The Banshee   Ã‚  Ã‚   The banshee is a phantom that is said to wail whenever a person is about to die. It would visit a friend or a family member of a Irish person who was dying. People are afraid of them because it shows us our mortality. We are afraid of death because we do not know what is on the other side, so naturally we would be afraid of the harbinger of death. The origin of the banshee is intertwined with death as it is in its spectreRead MoreFairytales Effect on Childs Psyche Essay2224 Words   |  9 PagesBoth traditional and contemporary fairytales experienced by children can have harmful effects on a child’s psyche. This is especially true when children are exposed to these fairytales during the early stages of psychological development. When do we most often expose children to the fairytale? More likely than not, we use the tales to ‘comfort’ our children, perhaps to calm them down, in the form of bedtime stories. But, have you ever really thought about the messages we give to a child through theRead MoreMiss Brill Illusion Vs Reality1537 Words   |  7 Pagesgaps, then the outside world is not real. Katherine Mansfield captures the theme of illusion vs. reality in her short story â€Å"Miss Brill† the main character Miss Brill is fascinated with the surprise of having an almond in her honey cake. The almond symbolizes how Miss Brill sees herself in society as the honey cake represents the people. The way Miss Brill tries to fit in, the loneliness she endures and analyzing the ending of the story shows how her imagination has taken the best of her. Miss BrillRead MoreMyth, Religion, and Violence in Pan’s Labyrinth and Bless Me, Ultima: A Comparative Analysis1346 Words   |  6 Pagesand the realization of the real world they live in. Both protagonists absorb themselves in a mythical world full of fantasy and each receives exposure to religious theology and trauma by the violence of men. Despite the fact that Antonio and Ofelia have different familial role models and travel along different paths, their childlike innocence, disillusionment, and initiation into adulthood comes about through similar themes: myth, religion, and violence. Bless Me, Ultima is about Antonio, the protagonistRead MoreJ. M. Barrie s Peter Pan And Lewis Carroll s Alice s Adventure Essay2118 Words   |  9 PagesBarrie’s Peter Pan and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland-Comparison Analysis In what follows is a comparison analysis from the original historical text of, J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland that have both been adapted to film providing examples of similarities as well as the differences. Firstly, J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland are both children’s literature which resonates with children as well as the adultRead MoreMystery, Amazement and Wonder in Stories2747 Words   |  11 Pagesstill discovering the world and look at it with fresh eyes. Things we consider simple and obvious, they find fascinating, and silly little stories and fairy tales are for them amazing and inspiring. In play they invent their own stories, their imaginations flowing in ways unique to them, and so, as one of the elements capturing this feeling, fairy tales were included in the concept. This sense of amazement although imbedded in children is often neglected by adults in the everyday life. And even thoughRead MoreThe Controversy Of Domestic Abuse Victims Essay1998 Words   |  8 Pagesparents have always attempted to shelter us from controversial topics while we were children. They never sat us down and elucidate everything that was iniquitous with the world we live in. Our parents did not want our innocence to be devastated. Topics such as terrorism, drugs, abortion, punishment for criminals, and toxic relationships were never addressed. Since these things were never conversed, most of us have cultivated misconceptions on certain topics. One of the topics that we have constructedRead MoreRomanticism in Music Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagesprevious age. It was a revolt against classicism, and against the pre-prescribed rules that defined it. The main catalyst for this change was the French Revolution in 1789, where the French monarchy and aristocracy was overthrow n by a rebellion of the people and France became a republic. This, in a musical sense, had an immediate impact on French opera, with the emphasis of the stories now beginning to be drawn into the present as opposed to the ancient world, and the old hierarchy of the Gods and feudal

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Organizational Structure and Management Levels †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Organizational Structure and Management Levels. Answer: Introduction: Resource is one of the major essentials in the business and for the international business of the company Mabe resource works as the vital component for the offshore expansion in of the same. The resource based consideration is based on the view of the resources that are currently available in the firm. The resources of the business are the potential of the company marked as the capabilities which are financial, physical, human and intellectual (Hunt and Davis 2012). The resource based consideration referred to the strategies and the planning of the company interns of the international business. The resource based view (RBV) model enables the company to have the potential market opportunities in the new host market in the terms of the strategic resources of the organization (Lin and Wu 2014). The strategic resources of the firm further refer to the VRIN which is valuable, rare, inimitable and no substitutable. These resources signify the success of the organization in the new interna tional market in terms of the competitive advantage. The VRIN framework entails that the resources must be valuable in orders to have the power for creating or leveraging the opportunities for the firms business (Talaja 2012). The next category in the framework refers to the rarity of the resources for providing the uniqueness of the same in the international market. The first two features of the resources denote the inimitable feature of the resource, which further indicates achievement of the competitive advantages. The achievement of the competitive advantage ensures the non-substitution of the resources. Therefore, the model based on the resources of the organization will enable the firm to analyze resources in order to ensure the success. In the other hand the institution based consideration is also important for driving the organization towards the success in the international market. The market of India is highly competitive and the existence and sustainability of Mabe in this new market is difficult. The institutional framework is considered in this respect for driving the success of the company. The institution based view of strategy defines the role of the industry in which the company belongs. The view based in the institutional framework refers the industry specific environment for the organization in the new international market (Van Essen et al. 2012). The intrinsic potential as well as the performance of the industry in the new market environment is stressed by this particular framework in order to ensure the success of the company in the international context of the business. The institution based view also refers to the economical condition of the market as well as the organization for initiating the busin ess in the new industrial market (Peng 2014). For the chosen company Mabe, the institution based view is important to be considered for understanding the market condition of India as well as the potential and performance of both the organization and the industry in the same. This framework will enable the company to analyze the market and business opportunities for the international expansion and success and achieve the competitive advantages. For the expansion of Mabe in the international context of the business, the organization has chosen India. For the business expansion of the company, the firm must identify the specific attributes in the potential market of India. The attributes are based on the market opportunities and the sustainability factor of the company. To ensure the sustainability of the organization in the potential new marker the company must understand the market environment and effective strategies for the same (Bell, Filatotchev and Rasheed 2012). The attributes here in the potential Indian market refers to the various dimensions of the country. Undoubtedly, the entire market of the India is provides both the ground and the competitive advantages o the company, yet there are some specific attributes of the company that must be considered by the company for ensuring the success of the company. As per the Action Learning team of the company, the company must understand the need and the necessity for the joint venture for the future success in India (Beamish 2013). In the other hand, the company also understands the economical condition of the country as per the geographical division within the same (Guadalupe, Li and Wulf 2013). The unequal distribution of the electricity in India refers to the need of considering the geographical preferences for the company as the company products are the electrical kitchen appliances (Deshmukh, Natarajan and Pahwa 2012). The next attributes of the potential market of India refers to the demand of the consumers and the preferences and choice of the same. The Action Learning team presents the result that the demand and the need of the consumers indicate the successful business of company in refrigerators, washing machines and stoves. The next dimension refers to the financial capacity of the Indian consumers for purchasing the electric appl iances. It cannot be avoided that India is still a developing country and hence there are regions that are economically not capable of purchasing the products offered by the company. Therefore, the financial capacity of the consumers determines the success of the company in the specific part of the country. The business environment of India marks another dimension of the potential market for the company. The business environment of the country is highly competitive; therefore the company must analyze and find opportunity in the competitive market environment in India. From the above discussion on the factors driving the sustainability of the company some specific attributes must be considered by the company. The specific attributes for the potential market of India are financially capable customers, geographically and economically developed regions, demand and need of the customers and the business environment of the country. In addition, the cultural dimension of the country also needs to be considered (Deresky 2017). This is because, India being a country enriched with diverse cultures, there are people who different beliefs, practice and preferences and use different languages (Ferraro and Briody 2017). Therefore, the company has to hire local people in order to understand specific preferences, demands and needs of the consumers based on their cultures. These few attributes need to be considered by the company to sustain in the potential market. Management Structure: The management structure of any company entails the style and ways of organizing the management hierarchy and the organizational operations. The management structure of the company to certain extent similar to the organizational structure which is the foundation for operating the business of the company (Guadalupe, Li and Wulf 2013). There are different organizational structures that are dependent of the operations of the business of the company. Multinational companies like Mabe must follow specific organizational management structure for operating its business in the different nations. It is certain the Mabe has to face different challenges in the new host market of India. Therefore, the company has to maintain functional and organization units in order to resolve the challenges and fulfill the different functions in terms of the business operations. One of the appropriate structures of the management for the foreign expansion of the organization will be the matrix management structure. The functional structure of the organization will enable Mabe to separate the unit for the different functions of the company I the international context of business. In this order the company will be able to maintain a clear and organized structure within the organization as well as operating the business. Another advantage of this management as well as the organizational structure is that this structure is flexible in operating business in the local area of the foreign country by collaborating and linking the business operation with the local practices. However, this structure is used by the small multinational companies operating within two to three foreign countries, but for Mabe this would be helpful in terms of operating business in the culturally diverse country. The governance structure of the company defines the set of rules, processes and practices that controls and directs the company for operating its business. The governance structure is the corporate governance of the company that balances the interests of the key stakeholders of the company. For the multinational companies like Mabe who is expanding its business in the international market must follow and maintain proper corporate governance for the successful and effective business operations in the new foreign market. The determination of the governance structure is the responsibility of the management and the board of the company (Singh and Gaur 2013). In other words, the governance structure ensures the business operation within the organization for the successful expansion of the company as well as the sustainability of the company in the foreign market. The governance structure includes the role of the committees, bylaw of the organization, policies and procedures, incorporation and the charitable status. In short, the governance structure of the company signifies the internal operation of the organization which is responsible for the successful business expansion in the new foreign market. Ethical consideration is another major and vital aspect of the international business expansion. The ethical consideration is to be taken into account because the legal and ethical issues of the foreign countries can be different from that of the home country of the business (Burchill et al. 2013). It is often possible for the company to differ their ethical and legal frameworks from that of the other countries. Therefore, some of the ethical considerations are recommended here in this section for Mabe that the company must follow while expanding the business in the foreign country in order to achieve the target and success. The first ethical consideration for the company is regarding the employment. The company must understand the trend and the legal procedures of the employment in India (Ardichvili et al. 2012). It may possible to encounter issues in the employment regarding the leaves, overtime, wages and others. Therefore, the company must have knowledge about the ethical and legal issues and rules in the operating countries in order to avoid any conflicts as well as approach the issues with proper solutions. The second ethical consideration is based on the culture as India is most diverse cultured country. The cultural dimension of India is capable of creating conflicts in the workplace which the company is unaware of. The cultural management within the workplace thus needs to be taken care with ethical consideration in order to avoid any cultural conflicts. The next ethical consideration is based on the human rights of the country. The human rights of the foreign country can be different from home country of the organization. In other hand, the business operation of the company can disrespect the human rights of the foreign countries. In addition, it is also possible that the business operation of the company is discriminating the human rights (Ardichvili et al. 2012). In regard to this, the polycentric approaches of the staffing can be used (Nagendra and Ostrom 2012). Therefore, the ethical consideration based on the human rights of the stakeholders of the organization in the foreign country must be taken into account by the Mabe. Pollution is another element that comes under the ethical consideration in the international context of the business. While expanding in the new countries for the business, the firm must follow strategies that are capable of preventing pollution. It may be possible that the company can face legal issue for creating pollution in the country in which the company has expanded its business. Therefore, to avoid any legal hazards in the foreign country for the business operations the company must consider the ethical framework while expanding its business in the international context (Ferrell and Fraedrich 2015). The last ethical consideration refers to the corruption. The corruption can be possible to happen in the workplace regarding payments, unethical practices or behaviors, employee rights and others. The ethical consideration of the company therefore must include the corruption control to maintain a healthy workplace culture (Bucic, Harris and Arli 2012). However, there are many other aspects that can be considered to avoid any ethical issues or conflicts, but these are the major and most important ethical consideration outlined for Mabe. For the sustainable business opportunities as well as the business operations of the company, the two alternative recommended structures for the company are functional structure and the divisional structure. These two structures are equally important and effective for the successful and effective business operation of the company in India. However, the divisional structure is highly recommended for the company for operating its business after ten years. The organization structured as the divisional one is based on the objectives of the organization (Kavale 2012). The divisional structure of the company refers to the operations of the business as per the product of the business. The product is itself the self contained division that is capable of making strategies according to their product features and design and the geographical division of the area in which the business company is operating. As stated above in the report the geographical division of the country India is one of the major factor that is responsible for driving the business towards the success of the of the organization (Spate and Learmonth 2017). The divisional structure therefore is most appropriate for the organization for after ten years of successful business in the foreign country market. There are several advantages proposed by the divisional organizational structure such as the accountability, competition, culture, local decision, multiple offerings and the s peed. Therefore the divisional organizational structure will be the effective and appropriate one for the future business operations as well as long-term sustainability and success of the company. The divisional organizational structure is capable of maintaining strong business relationship with the stakeholders as well as the industry. The acquisition of the divisional structure of by Mabe will enable the organization to develop relationship with the local stakeholders which will ensure the success of the company in the local market. In addition, the acquisition of this structure within the company is capable of maintaining rich workplace culture within the organization, which will be beneficial (Steiger, Hammou and Galib 2014). The cultural integration and management in the organization will ensure the effective of the business operation in the local market. in the other hand this structure of the organization makes the organization maintain a healthy relationship with the industry in terms of the accountability and competition. The divisional structure is such a structure that approaches the organization for being responsible and accountable for their business operations an d the any kind of the issues emerging for the same (Guadalupe, Li and Wulf 2013). The divisional structure forms competitive relationship with the other existing companies in the market which strengthen the relationship between the organization and the industry. Moreover, this structure also proposes values towards the local decisions and offers multiple products from a wide range in terms of the geographical divisions. Therefore, the divisional structure of the company will be most effective and appropriate in order to achieve the long term benefit for the organization. Reference: Ardichvili, A., Jondle, D., Kowske, B., Cornachione, E., Li, J. and Thakadipuram, T., 2012. Ethical cultures in large business organizations in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.Journal of Business Ethics,105(4), pp.415-428. 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